Friday, 8 May 2009


this lydia.... she's a bit of a party animal.... these are some sketches of a character that keeps cropping up in my sketchbooks. i don't know what i'll do with her yet.....

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"TORI CAT" said...

Oooooo Im loving your stuffs lil lady!!
As always, looks like your on top form. I love your story board stuffs!! Pure Awesomness!! Thanks for your comment. i need a character to go in my jungle.... looks a bit empty at the moment.

Where you at now? YOu got a job?
Im jobless and have a wonkey donkey jaw at te moment, and STILL in not so bony, wee scotty land!!
Im going into hospital on Tuesday!! Finally having the operation on my jaw so i can talk and eat and sing and smile again!!! Its gonna be a killer tho...iv gotta stay in for a few days... i met my surgeon the other day and he looks just like "the Tod" from scrubs!! hee hee!! i keep imagining that i'll wake up with bigger boobs, rather than a fixed jaw!! ;)

By the way, i'm adding you to my link of "Pen Pals" on me blog as your not on there for some unknown reason, and you should be on there, so im putting you on there,... so there!! :)

HOpe your ok mooch!!
I miss you hundreds and millions!!
Take care and hope to see you soon!!
(I'll let you know if and when i'm next in london town!!)
Mucho loves.x mwa