Saturday, 29 May 2010

Seatown... a good place to soak it up!

I'm not normally one for drawing land scapes. But I've just come back from a very special place called the Cottage. It belongs to a very good friend of mine, she the rest of me girly buddies and I spent a lot of very good times down there in Dorset. But revisiting the place after years of university and art stuffs it's like I saw the place with a new pair of eyes.... Stunning doesn't even cut it!
I went to Seatown and just soaked it up, but alas I had no camera but I did have my sketch book. So throwing caution to the wind I had to have more than just a memory, so pencil to paper it was. I could hear Peter Parr's words in the back of my head telling me never to draw scapes and stick to people, pants to that, this is well fun! Look out for more scapes from me I'm determined to get this down! Cottage.... Here I come!

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