Monday, 3 August 2009

Graduate torment.


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"TORI CAT" said...

Ooooooo so pretty!!
I love your colours!!
I see you getting into the swing of Photo shop??
Awesome stuff lil lady!!
So, how you doing? Where you at? Have you got a job?
Im still living in Scotland with the ron. Just had another operation on my jaw, so dont feel too bouncy at the moment. I finished at Uli's in March. Loved it there. What a legend!!
Iv been working at aardman for a bit, but since my opp, iv just been doing some freelancing for Nickelodeon at home.
Im starting to make my own lil short in my own time..... Remember my hill idea..... Its back!!! Mu hah ha haaaaaaaaa!!! ;D
Hope your ok lil lady and life isnt getting you too down??
Remember, your always welcome to come and visit us. Any time!!
Miss you stacks!! Love you more.
Toodle pip!.xxxxxx